About us

The neuroimaging and analysis group at RCMCI brings together an interdisciplinary group of specialist to employ various physiological, functional and structural neuroimaging methodologies in both research and clinical. The group benefits from collaboration of physicists, neuro-statisticians, neuroscientists, and neuro-Radiologist who use fMRI, DTI, MRS, Perfusion/Diffusion, and structural imaging techniques in order to investigate neural mechanisms underlying cognitive functions in normal health and many disease conditions.


NIAG consists of four groups of Cognitive Neuroscience, Functional Image Analysis, Structural Image Analysis and Physiological Measurement, and the objectives of NIAG include:
· Imaging Protocol and Software development for various imaging applications
· Using multi-modality imaging systems (MRI) and quantification analysis methods such as DCE/DSC/DWI/DTI/QSM/MRS for brain mapping in different normal/abnormal brain states
· Functional and structural brain evaluation for various healthy/diseased/cognitive-states of brain


Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to implement and use state of the art analysis techniques in the Iranian Patients.

Expertise & Collaborations

NIAG would help other scientists who are interested in developing neuroimaging in a collaborative framework. For more information, please contact our experts.