Monday, 29 July 2019 08:25

Important Notice!

Sectional Anatomy and fMRI data analysis courses will start again from 4 August .

Interested students and researchers may register for sectional anatomy classes. For more information please contact us through our telegram channel.

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Course name: Basics of fMRI data processing

Moderator: Dr. S.A.H. Batooli


  • Session One: An Introduction to the fMRI and the Basics of Image Processing in fMRI
  • Sessions Two and Three: Basics of Data Preprocessing in fMRI
  • Sessions Four and Five: Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data
  • Session Six: Extracting information from fMRI analysis
  • Session Seven: Functional brain communication
  • Session Eight: How to deliver fMRI results

Starting from Sunday, 19 Khordad , 1398, at 16:30

For further information, please visit our telegram channel or contact Dr. Haady Ahmadzade via this telegram ID ( @haadyA ).


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