A multidisciplinary team at Massachusetts General Hospital, including Martinos Center investigators, released to the public today an MRI scan of the human brain at 100 micron resolution. This is the highest resolution MRI scan of the whole human brain to date. The images are 1,000 times more detailed than a standard clinical MRI scan. The brain was donated by a 58-year-old woman who died of non-neurological causes. Her family provided informed consent for the research. The researchers imaged her brain for 5 days continuously on a 7 Tesla MRI scanner using custom-built coil technology. They envision that this ultra-high resolution MRI scan will have a broad range of investigational, educational, and clinical applications that will advance understanding of human brain anatomy in health and disease.


For more information please visit: https://twitter.com/comarecoverylab/status/1134436231775961088?s=12 

Course name: Basics of fMRI data processing

Moderator: Dr. S.A.H. Batooli


  • Session One: An Introduction to the fMRI and the Basics of Image Processing in fMRI
  • Sessions Two and Three: Basics of Data Preprocessing in fMRI
  • Sessions Four and Five: Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data
  • Session Six: Extracting information from fMRI analysis
  • Session Seven: Functional brain communication
  • Session Eight: How to deliver fMRI results

Starting from Sunday, 19 Khordad , 1398, at 16:30

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The Developement of Structural and Functional Neuroimaging Symposium hold at the School of Sciences, Shiraz University in April 17 2019.  The Advanced fMRI Data Analysis Workshop also held in April 18-19 2019 jointly by NIAG. For more information please visit: http://sdat.ir/dns98