Tayebeh Ebrahimi

Tayebeh Ebrahimi

Ph.D. Student


Medical Physics

Available Hours

  • Wednesday 08:00 am-16:00 pm
  • Thursday 08:00 am-16:00 pm
  • Saturday 08:00 am-16:00 pm

About Tayebeh Ebrahimi

Tayebeh workes on detection of seizure focuses on epilepsy disease by use of Susceptibility weighted Imaging as her Ph.D. Thesis subject. Currently, she is working as a researcher on extracting information from quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) using phase image raw data to obtain a more accurate detection of oxygen metabolic in brain activities compared to invasive modalities. In her opinion, with considering information about the rate of oxygen consumption with noninvasive methods, we can detect the hyperactive location in the brain of patients who have epilepsy and therefore can help to find the seizure focuses. In addition, she is working on medical data that obtain from 3T GE scanner.

Education & Certification

Master of Physics Hakim Sabzevari