Aims of Anosmic:

  • To find Olfactory-related areas of the brain in two groups of healthy and patient individuals.
  • To compare the findings in the groups.


  • 80 percent of the research has been completed.

human brain


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Iranian Brain Imaging Database (IBID)

Aims of IBID

  • To establish an Iranian dataset of the normative multimodal human brain MRI data, cognitive data, and behavioral data, for accelerating the research in the field of neuroscience in Iran
  • To provide normative “quantitative” measurements of the human brain in the Iranian population, which has significant clinical applications, such as in Presurgical Planning
  • To study the brain aging profile of the Iranian population, to avoid the mental and economic costs of the near-coming population of the elderly Iranian population in the future
  • To study the association of brain structure with the many cognitive and behavioral aspects of the human functionality
  • To start collaborations with the prestigious international research groups, such as ENIGMA, to bring the name of Iran on the world map of Neuroimaging and Neuroscience

Lie Detection

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Neuroimaging Analysis Group 

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Imam Khomeini Hospital, Keshavarz Blvd. 
Tehran, Iran
+98 (21) 6658-1535 (line 134)

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